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Teenage girls from Angleton who had a tooth extraction in the form of wisdom teeth removal in Lake Jackson, TX.We all know what they say about “pulling teeth.” While it’s never something we want to do, a tooth extraction is often a necessary step to improve your smile. Dr. Elrod has performed tooth extractions for hundreds of patients throughout Lake Jackson and beyond.

Reasons a Tooth Extraction Might Be Needed

Common reasons you may need a tooth extraction include:

  • Severe infection that has destroyed a significant portion of the tooth and supporting bone structure.
  • Serious decay that has damaged a tooth beyond repair, making a successful restoration impossible.
  • Crowding caused by too many teeth to properly fit in the mouth.
  • When wisdom teeth are impacted or overcrowded.

Whenever possible, we avoid tooth extractions and attempt to save the natural tooth. However, some circumstances make tooth extraction the most effective option for returning your smile to good health and function. When this happens, we work hard to ensure your experience is as comfortable and painless as possible, and we make every effort to replace your tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth extractions are extremely common and usually necessary for continued dental health. This may seem odd, though. After all, why do we grow wisdom teeth at all if we can’t use them?

The answer goes back in history to a time when the health of our teeth was directly tied to life expectancy.

Wisdom teeth—or third molars—don’t grow in until adulthood, around ages 18–20. In times and places with coarser food, poorer healthcare, and little knowledge of dental medicine, teeth wore out quickly, so having that third set of molars would have been not only convenient but utterly vital.

However, the improvement of medicine and quality of life has made us less dependent on extra teeth. As a result, our jaws have gradually gotten smaller. In the modern day, most people no longer have room for a third set of molars, which in turn causes these teeth to grow improperly.

Extraction of these poorly developed wisdom teeth can relieve pain, make adequate room in the mouth, and prevent infection or cavities caused by impaction.

Post Tooth Extraction Care

After a tooth extraction, you will need to take care of yourself by getting some rest, eating soft or liquid foods, and avoiding drinking through straws. The dentist will give you specific instructions on how to take care of your teeth for the first few days following an extraction.

Options for Missing Teeth

If you do need to have a tooth extracted, we provide several replacement options for interested patients, which include:

  • Dental Implants – Dental implants are a more permanent option for tooth replacement. If the jawbone is healthy, a titanium rod can be placed as an anchor for the artificial tooth. The cap is made of synthetic, tooth-colored material to blend in with your natural teeth.
  • Dental Bridges – A dental bridge consists of dental crowns that form a bridge attached to the synthetic tooth that will fit right over the gap in your smile. Bridges can be permanent or removable and will restore the function of your mouth.

Schedule a Tooth Extraction in Lake Jackson

We want to help you be pain-free and provide a pleasant dental experience. If you have any questions about tooth extractions or wisdom teeth removal, give us a call, text, or email, and we will help you with your dental issues.

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