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Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once each evening is just one aspect of preventing gum disease and tooth decay. Along with your brushing and flossing techniques, the quality of the oral hygiene products you use is of critical importance.

To help consumers shop for high-quality oral hygiene products, the American Dental Association created their Seal of Acceptance Program. Since its inception in 1931, it has become the industry standard of quality for participating manufacturers.

A product’s participation in the program is voluntary. Before a manufacturer launches a new oral hygiene product, they can submit it to the ADA for testing and research.

The ADA then researches and tests the active ingredients. Each element of the product must meet rigorous guidelines for safety and effectiveness for use in oral care. Should the product meet all of these requirements, the manufacturer will be granted the right to print the Seal of Acceptance on the label.

The ADA also publishes a listing for approved products on their website. This allows people to research oral hygiene products in the comfort of their own home.

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