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It is estimated that some 75 million Americans have some sort of fear of the dentist. This can range from feeling uncomfortable with the idea of having work done on the mouth to an out-and-out phobia. It is particularly concerning when a person’s dental fear keeps him or her from receiving needed dental care. At Distinctive Dental Services, we practice sedation dentistry to help our patients relax during treatment.

Sedation dentistry is the name for the process of administering sedative medication to a dental patient while they’re in treatment. These medications help the patient relax during dental procedures, and can alleviate–or even eliminate–a fear of the dentist.

There are various levels of sedation a dentist can use, depending on the needs of the patient, that range from quite mild to general anesthesia. At Distinctive Dental Services, many of our patients find that oral sedation is sufficient. It involves taking a pill before treatment in order to be fully relaxed. Depending on the strength of sedation (as recommended by Dr. Scott Elrod) you may not be able to drive yourself home or remember the details of your visit.

The other common sedative we use is laughing gas. It is so-called because it can cause feelings of elation or levity. It can also cause time to appear to pass quicker and alleviate feelings of anxiety. Laughing gas wears off quickly after a treatment and causes no lasting side effects. It can be used on children or adults.

In the end, sedation dentistry is just another of the many services we offer here at Distinctive Dental Services to deliver dental care to anyone and everyone who needs it. If you would like to learn more about the sedation options we use, please call our dental office in Lake Jackson, TX, today.