Common Oral Health Reminders: Dentures

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  It is important that all dental damage that is present on your teeth and gums is treated as soon as possible. In addition, if you have any lost or missing teeth, they need to be replaced before further damage can occur to your mouth. One highly effective tooth placement prosthetic to consider is with… Read more »

Origins of the Tooth Fairy

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Losing a tooth may at first be frightening for your child, but with the thought of the tooth fairy rewarding them with a prize can greatly decrease any anxieties they have. The tooth fairy is a popular myth many parents and dentists use to ease fears children may have when visiting the dentist, losing a… Read more »

Cavity Restoration 101

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Along with excellent daily oral care–brushing at least twice each day and flossing at least once daily–keeping up with periodic dental checkups is your biggest preventative for dental caries along with gum disease. We also check to make sure old dental fillings aren’t leaking, causing further decay. Checkups allow your dentist to find early signs… Read more »

Types And Treatments Of Fractured Teeth

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Accidents happen, and sometimes those accidents result in chipped or fractured teeth. A chipped tooth can not only look strange, but it can actually harm your dental health by allowing bacteria access to the soft pulp tissue inside the tooth. Learn more about the different types of fractured teeth and how to fix them. Types… Read more »