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When they first came out, dental implants could only be used by dentists to replace a single tooth at a time. Since then, many advancements have been made in dental technology and implants can now be used in many different forms. Your dentist Dr. Scott Elrod, can now replace multiple teeth at a time by anchoring a dental bridge.

It is important that you clean your dental bridge of plaque and food particles the same as you would your natural teeth, through regular brushing and flossing. The bridge and titanium abutments are not subject to decay. However, a buildup of plaque causing tartar can lead to a gum disease. The advanced stages of gum disease, such as periodontitis, can cause to the abutments holding the dental bridge in place to come loose.

Sometimes, those with dental bridges find cleaning them to be difficult. In these cases, your dentist may recommend that you use waxed floss threaders, interdental brushes, or a dental water jet.

You should also be sure to schedule regular visitations with Dr. Scott Elrod so that he can check up on the condition of your implant, as well as the health of your gums. Also, during your visit, any tartar build up will be removed during your cleaning.

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