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Losing a tooth may at first be frightening for your child, but with the thought of the tooth fairy rewarding them with a prize can greatly decrease any anxieties they have. The tooth fairy is a popular myth many parents and dentists use to ease fears children may have when visiting the dentist, losing a tooth, or to help keep a healthy, dental care regimen.

The origins of the tooth fairy are very recent, but different uses of baby teeth and ways they were used for rituals have been documented for hundreds of years. Middle Eastern tradition has children throwing a baby tooth to the sun, praying for a healthy and strong tooth to replace it.

Vikings were commonly known for wearing their children’s teeth into battle to bring luck and protection. Many other societies wore children’s teeth to ward off evil spirits or witches who wanted a piece of them. Children from all areas of the world would and still throw teeth on the roof. Other traditions include throwing them into the fire, between the legs, into a mouse hole, or burying it.

The tooth fairy became popularized in the 1920s when Esther Watkins Arnold wrote the play, The Tooth Fairy. By involving the tooth fairy, you can get your child excited about having healthy teeth, brushing twice and flossing daily, and seeing the dentist for a biannual checkup. Call 979-297-0337 to set up an appointment with Distinctive Dental Services at our office in Lake Jackson, Texas. Our dental professionals will be happy to work with your child and bettering their smile today.