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Losing a tooth to severe decay, damage or extraction can significantly impair the function and appearance of your mouth. Even if you learn to live with the missing tooth, it can cause serious alignment complications in the future. Your dentist, Dr. Scott Elrod, often recommends replacing the missing tooth with a dental implant to address all of these issues.

Dr. Scott Elrod will start the treatment by examining your mouth and taking a few X-rays of the area. Then, he will refer you to a local oral surgeon who specializes in dental implants.

The oral surgeon will drill a small channel into your jaw bone and will screw a titanium implant into place. Titanium is the metal of choice because it is biologically inert and it will eventually fuse to your jawbone to create an anchoring abutment.

Once the implant has fused to your jaw, Dr. Scott Elrod can start the process of installing a standard crown that is made of porcelain, gold or base metal alloy. With the proper care and cleaning, your new dental implant should last for many years to come.

If you’re missing a tooth, you should call Dr. Scott Elrod at 979-297-0337 to see if a dental implant in Lake Jackson, Texas, is right for you.