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Invisalign Clear Aligners Offer Alternative to Metal Braces

Distinctive Dental Services (DDS) has obtained the training and certification required to offer Invisalign©, a revolutionary new procedure that gradually repositions a patient’s teeth using clear aligners.

“Sometimes the appearance of metal braces becomes an obstacle and can be inconvenient for adults who want straighter teeth,” said Stephen D. Yarbrough, D.D.S. “We wanted to offer this premier technology to our clients, so that they can have an alternative that works well and is more conducive to their lifestyle.”

Invisalign© uses a series of clear aligners, not metal wires or bands, that are custom-molded to fit a patient. Aligners can improve problems such as overly crowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, overbites, underbites and crossbites. Results are often achieved in six months to a year, with regular dentist progress checks and aligner changes every two to three weeks.

Gum health may improve with the use of an aligner system such as Invisalign© during orthodontic treatment. Unlike braces, aligners can be removed for easier brushing and flossing, reducing chances of plaque buildup and tooth decay.

“We take the time to provide our patients with the latest and greatest dental technologies,” said Scott A. Elrod, D.D.S. “We understand having braces can be a difficult, especially for adults, so to offer something like Invisalign is just taking that extra step to provide our patients a great solution to improving the appearance of their teeth and the overall health of their mouth.”

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