If My Gums Bleed, Should I Stop Flossing?

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This is a critical question occasionally asked by patients at Distinctive Dental Services – Dr. Scott Elrod. The answer, however, is “No!” Bleeding is probably a sign that you need to clean your teeth and gums more thoroughly—not leave them alone. It is practically impossible to clean effectively between teeth without using floss or an… Read more »

Get The Royal Treatment At Distinctive Dental Services

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In need of a crown? At Distinctive Dental Services – Dr. Scott Elrod serving the Lake Jackson and Angleton areas, we can provide the outstanding experience you deserve with the dental care required. Get discolored teeth brightened and chipped teeth corrected. Receive one procedure or full smile transformations. Your wish is our command. Our team… Read more »

Schedule Your Coronation

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We treat all of our patients royally here at Distinctive Dental Services, but some of them receive actual crowns. We’re not talking about crowns a king or queen wears, but crowns for your teeth! If you live near Lake Jackson, Distinctive Dental Services is the best place to get your teeth looking better than ever…. Read more »

How Long Will A Dental Crown in Lake Jackson Last?

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Lake Jackson endodontists, oral surgeons, and general dentists use dental crowns (sometimes called caps) in many restorative treatments. A dental crown in Lake Jackson adds strength to a tooth that has a large filling or has been injured. It can also correct bite misalignments. A dental crown is usually necessary after a root canal. In… Read more »