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Tooth whitening products are a great way to help brighten your smile and get rid of stains on your teeth. Distinctive Dental Services provides some of these options and can recommend what products may be best for you and your smile.

Many of these products can contain teeth whitening peroxides such as carbamide or peroxide as well as soft chemical and polishing elements to remove stains. These different substances help fight stains, lighten teeth, as well as discolorations.

Some of the main options for tooth whitening include bleaching at home, in your dentist’s office, or with an over-the-counter purchase, which can be recommended or prescribed by your dentist. Always look for the seal of approval by the ADA (American Dental Association). Over-the-counter bleaching may include trays (that can be placed easily in the mouth), whitening strips or gels.

Other options include using whitening toothpastes and mouth rinses at home. At your dentist’s clinic, you can receive an in-office bleaching where they place a protective shield or gel to protect the gums while they place bleach. Avoid stains by drinking less coffee or wine (contain stainable pigments), avoid using tobacco, smoking, and injuries. When injured, teeth tend to create more dentin (yellow underlying part of the tooth), which can show underneath the enamel or if the enamel has been broken off.

If you are experiencing any tooth sensitivity, stop using these products and speak to your dentist about what other options are available for you. Call 979-297-0337 to make an appointment with our dental office here in Lake Jackson, Texas. Distinctive Dental Services will be happy to assist you with a better smile today!