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An ignored cavity invites bacteria and decay to exploit the dentin, pulp or even the root of a tooth. In time, this severe amount of decay can be so bad that our Distinctive Dental Services team’s only option is to extract the tooth and suture your gums. Once your gums have completely healed after extraction, our highly trained staff can help you explore your options of replacing the tooth.

One of the most effective ways to restore the function and appearance of the tooth is with a dental bridge. A bridge looks like a natural tooth but it is fused to a pair of dental crowns that are anchored to the two closest teeth.

Your dentist will start the treatment by removing the majority of the enamel from the anchoring teeth. Then, an impression is taken of the abutments and the impression will be used as a guide for the dental technicians who make your new bridge.

At the end of the first appointment, your dentist will cement a temporary crown over each abutment to protect them during the interim.

Once the dental lab has completed your bridge, we will call you in for a second appointment. Your dentist will remove the temporary crowns and cement your bridge in place.

If you have a tooth that is suffering from severe tooth decay or an ignored cavity, you should call Distinctive Dental Services at 979-297-0337 to schedule an appointment with your dentist, Dr. Scott Elrod. We look forward to seeing if a dental bridge in Lake Jackson, Texas, is the best option for you!