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Do you feel embarrassed when you smile? Do not fear; get a veneer! A dental veneer can transform your embarrassment into a beautiful smile you’ll love to show off.

“What exactly is a veneer?” you may ask. Well, it’s is a slim porcelain shell which is bonded to a cracked, chipped or discolored tooth.

A veneer’s primary function is to beautify your smile. But did you know that there are other benefits? First, you’ll regain functionality of a chipped or cracked tooth, increasing chewing and speaking capacities. Also, veneers are extremely durable, lasting up to ten years. Lastly, of all restorative dentistry, veneers preserve the strength of your natural tooth the best.

What is the procedure of getting a dental veneer? Allow this hypothetical story to illustrate:

Bob has a chipped tooth. Dr. Scott Elrod recommends that he get a dental veneer. First, however, he asks Bob if he wants his teeth to be whiter. Why is that? Bob’s veneer cannot be bleached. It will be color-matched to the rest of his teeth. If Bob wants his whitened smile to look even and natural, it’s either now or ten years from now when his veneer wears out.

After Bob gets his teeth whitened, he visits Distinctive Dental Services again to get a dental veneer. Dr. Scott Elrod removes a very small amount of the original tooth. He then forms a mold of Bob’s mouth, focusing especially on the damaged tooth. He places a temporary veneer over the damaged tooth to protect it while a dental technician creates a special permanent veneer. When it’s ready, Dr. Scott Elrod bonds the veneer to Bob’s natural tooth with a durable dental superglue. Bob’s smile looks great!

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