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DDS Adds Advanced Porcelain Veneer Method to Range of Dental Services

Stained, chipped and crooked teeth are among the many reasons people seek veneers to transform their smile. Distinctive Dental Services (DDS) now offers Lumineers® by Cerinate®, the only porcelain veneers to eliminate the need for altering a patient’s original tooth structure.

“It is so important for patients considering veneers to ensure they are being treated with a quality product that will have longevity and a natural appearance,” said Dr. Stephen Yarborough. “Lumineers® are high-quality veneers that can provide our patients a more pleasant experience with positive results.”

Lumineers® are unique because of the “contact lens thin” and super translucent makeup of the porcelain veneer. In most cases, there is no need to alter the tooth structure or use an anesthetic when Lumineers® are being bonded. Testing has shown that a Lumineers® procedure can last over 20 years.

“We take extreme care when applying the veneers to a patient’s teeth to make the appearance look as natural as possible,” said Dr. Scott Elrod. “This procedure may not be for everyone, but if a patient has cosmetic issues or misalignment, veneers are a viable alternative to braces or whitening.”

Distinctive Dental Services (DDS) is an established dental practice that serves the greater Lake Jackson community. Founded by Drs. Stephen Yarbrough and Scott Elrod, DDS utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide patients with the highest quality general and cosmetic dental services in a comfortable and convenient environment. For more information about Distinctive Dental Services, call 979.297.0337.