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It’s probably unsurprising to you that teeth whitening is among the most popular of cosmetic dental services. Many people are not confident of their smiles because their teeth have darkened or yellowed over time. So, whether you’d like to remove staining from food or beverages or whether you’d like to counter the natural aging process of your teeth, we’re here to assist you!

The shading of teeth can be altered by many things. The following can cause tooth discoloration:

– Using tobacco products like cigarettes and chewing tobacco
– The natural aging process of the teeth
– Drinking dark drinks like coffee, tea, colas, or red wine
– Eating foods with a dark or bright pigment like cherries
– The buildup of plaque and tartar
– Trauma or injury to the teeth that may result in a brown, black, or gray color

There are many great reasons why individuals choose teeth whitening to brighten their teeth, including:

– To boost their self-image and confidence
– In preparation for a special occasion like a reunion, interview, or wedding
– To make an impressive first impression
– To reverse years of staining and yellowing

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